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We understand the balance between longevity and performance, and will work with you to produce the exact sails you need for your boat, using the best materials available.

Mid-Coast Sails will do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations for the vital 'engine' of your boat.

High Performance

In the racing world, more and more is being demanded of sails, as everyone is searching for that small edge that will give them a performance boost over their competitors.

We work hard at staying at the forefront of sail development, through intensive research and testing in design and materials, and innovative construction methods and techniques.

As competitive sailors, we compete in the classes we are developing sails, and in the 2019/20 season this will include Sabot, Heron, Impulse, Arrow, MG, NS14 and Maricats.

You can be assured, that your next racing sail from MC Sails, will give you that EDGE you are striving for...


The most enjoyable part of cruising on your yacht, is relaxing in the confidence that your boat it will take you wherever your heart desires!

Your sails are an integral part of this, and having quality, well designed and durable sails will go a long way to ensuring a good trip every time you cast off.

It is also a delicate balance between economy, durability and performance, and we can help you to decide what the best solution is for your boat, and planned adventure.

Repairs & Recuts

Prevention is always the best maintenance, and sails need regular attention if they are to last.  An experienced eye can tell where future problems will occur and fix them before they become major expenses.

We recommend a yearly inspection of all your sails and covers, and we are happy to come and visit your yacht for an initial check - to save you having to remove and refit gear.

Our most common repairs, are due to UV damage, chafe, and storm damage.  Whether it is a new genoa sun strip, mainsail batten chafe, or a recut to fix a stretching older sail - contact us with your requirements and ask for an obligation-free estimate.

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