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Marine Products - Covers, Canvas, Bags and Rigging

Sailmaking is not just about sails - there are a lot of complementary pieces that a part of our service.  We specialise in producing all manner of covers and canvas related products, custom-made bags and shade structures, and can supply and fit deck hardware and fittings.

Biminis, spray guards, sun shades, boom tents.

While part of sailing is the sun and the water, we all need a little protection from the elements!

MC Sails can produce custom-fit shade and spray products to your design.  We are very experienced in the conditions encountered offshore, so are able to design them for you, if you aren't sure what you need.

If you have something to protect - we can build a 

cover for it - people & equipment!

Sail UV protection

The harsh Australian sun makes short work of materials which are not designed for continuous exposure.

Furling headsails require sacrificial UV Leech suncovers to protect the sailcloth when they aren't in use.  We can replace these with new acrylic canvas or WeatherMaxx materials, which will extend the life of your sail considerably.  They are also available in a wide range of colours, and can add style and class to your vessel.

Boom Cover/Lazy Bag


Yachts and Multihulls up to about 50ft can benefit from the fitting of lazy jacks and a matching Lazy Bag to assist in handling and storing your mainsail.

The lazy jack stays provide a convenient, easy to use and non-mechanical method of flaking and controlling your mainsail during hoisting and dropping.  No more myriad of sail ties and running up and down the deck - just open the bag and hoist.  To drop - simply uncleat the halyard and let the sail drop into the bag, then run the full length zipper closed to keep it all compact and covered.

The bag sits in the track on top of your boom, and keeps the sail on top - increasing your visibility and preventing the sail falling into the cockpit at that worst possible moment!

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