Products and Services

MC Sails is pleased to be able to provide a wide variety of products and services, to make it easy for you to get your job done right.  We carry a good range of popular stock, so you can be on your way with minimum delay.  

Pickup and delivery is available in Port Macquarie and Laurieton, and dropoff/pickup is available at our friends at Mid-Coast Mowers in Taree.  We are regularly in other areas up and down the coast, so please contact us if you are stuck in a marina somewhere and need urgent help!


If you are in need of sail repairs, a recut of an existing sail, or want a brand-new computer designed sail or spinnaker, we can help you.

We understand the balance between longevity and performance, and will work with you to produce the exact sails you need for your boat, using the best materials available (e.g. dacron, mylar, kevlar, carbon, aramid fibres).


Biminis, Boom Covers, Lazy Bags, Winch Hats, Deck Covers, Hatch Covers, Rope Bags, Wheel Covers, Compass Protectors, Sail Bags, ​Bunk Cushions, Lee-cloths - the list goes on - we have made covers for nearly everything you can think of, and are always willing to take on a challenge!

We understand how harsh the environment is on the ocean, and the dramatic effects of UV, so can assist you in making your gear last.


With the weather constantly changing, often outdoor areas or parts of the house are often left unused.​  Shade Sails and Awnings are a great economical solution to providing shade and rain protection.

Mid-Coast Sails can custom manufacture a perfect fitting, good looking structure for you - made using only the best materials and durable production techniques.


Knowing what size rope, pulley or shackle to use, is often a difficult choice.  Finding the right one and then fitting it to your boat is the next challenge.

Contact us with your requirements and we will provide the best solution for the task.