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About Us

Mid-Coast Sails was started by Rohan Nosworthy in 2009.  Moving to the Mid-North Coast with his family in 2007, he brought with him a basic sewing machine so he could repair and make alterations to his own sails.

Within a short period, he was doing work for other local sailors, and decided to setup a fully operational sail loft with facilities to cater for everything from the transient cruising yachts, to the local dinghy scene.  

Mid-Coast Sails has regular and repeat clients, who appreciate his meticulous eye for detail and high quality sailmaking.  

The business continues to evolve, and with the wider geographical reach of our successful racing sails, our identity on the water is now more easily recognisable as MC Sails.  


In 2016, MC Sails invested in the latest sail design CAD software - SMAR AzureProject - the World's Leading Solution for Sail Design, 3D Modelling and Visualisation, Fiber Layout and Optimization.  The power and flexibility of this development platform is resulting in more consistent and repeatable sail designs, and the scope for new innovation and more detailed refinement than previously achievable.

Rohan has been sailing since 1980, starting at age 6. He has had vast experience on a broad variety of boats and sailing disciplines including dinghies, skiffs, sportsboats, trailerables, multihulls, yachts and windsurfers.  He is also an active cruising sailor, on the family 40ft catamaran, and has more than 10 thousand miles on his log - along with the experience and all that goes with big boat ownership and life on the water.  He has been refining his sail design skills over the years by competing at the top levels of sailing, including trimming on some of Australia's premiere yachts, and building a very successful resume of results:


Australian Champion 2015

Australian Champion 2012

Australian Champion 2011

Australian Champion 2007

NSW State Champion 2020

NSW State Champion 2016

NSW State Champion 2014

NSW State Champion 2012

Runner-up NSW Titles 2011

Runner-up Australian Titles 2010, 2013


​Australian Champion 2020

Australian Champion 2019

Australian Champion 2018

QLD State Champion 2019

Runner-up QLD State Titles 2017, 2018, 2021, 2022

NSW State Champion 2021/22

NSW State Champion 2019/20

NSW State Champion 2017/18

Runner-up NSW Titles 2018/19, 20/21

3rd Place NSW State Titles 2016/17, 22/23

Winner 'Battle of Waterloo' Regatta 2018

3rd Place Australian Titles 2017

Arrow Cat

3rd place Australian Titles 2018

NSW State Champion 2018

NSW State Champion 2017

Runner-up NSW Titles 2016, 2018

Winner Mannering Park 14ft Regatta 2017

Runner-up Mannering Park 14ft regatta 2015, 2016



Australian Champion 2020/21

NSW State Champion 2020/21

Runner-up Australian Titles 2012/13
Top 5 placing in Australian Titles 1996, 97, 98, 99, 2000, 2011, 2012
Runner-up NSW Titles 1999, 2011, 2019
Top 4 placings in NSW Titles 1997-2000, 2005, 2010, 2011​, 2012, 2013​​


4th Place NSW Titles 2021/22

Runner-up NSW Titles 2018

3rd place Australian Titles 2000
NSW State Champion 1994
Runner Up NSW Titles 1993



Australian Champion - Sloop Division 2018
NSW State Champion - Classic Division 2013

​Winner Mannering Park 14ft regatta - Maricat division 2013, 2014


16' skiff
Runner-up NSW Titles 2002​

5th place in Australian Titles 2001
Runner-up NSW Titles 2001
Top 4 placing in NSW Titles 2010


Runner-up NSW Titles 2007
Coach to 4th placed crew 2007 Worlds​

Magic 25
Australian Champions 2003​

Sydney 38
Runner-up Australian Titles 2012
Runner-up NSW Titles 2002, 2004, 2008
Australian Match Racing Champions 2004
3rd in Australian Titles 2004, 2008​

Large Multihulls
Overall Winners Lock Crowther Multihull Titles 2003 (Crowther Catana 40' Cat)
Scratch Winners Lock Crowther Multihull Titles 2006 (Egan 36' Trimaran)
3rd Brisbane-Gladstone 2006 (Egan 36' Trimaran)​

This vast amount of sailing experience has resulted in a refined eye, for the key details - and the design and build qualities of the sails that are required to produce results.

Providing high-quality service and guaranteed customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

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