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Trapeze Harness

Trapeze Harness


Custom made 'skiff-style' trapeze harness.


Will be made to your exact measurements, so there is no lacing or buckles to get in the way.  Just slip the shoulder straps over your head and have a perfect fit every sail.  Please indicate your approx size and we will contact you to check measure before making your harness.


Alternatively, a 'lace-up' style harness, which is fully adjustable - perfect for the casual crew, or those who are still growing ;)


Available in kids sizes as well from (we have even made them for a 3yo!)  A proper fitting harness is the secret to feeling safe and stable on the trapeze no matter what your age.


Huge variety of colour choices available - design your own to match your boat and we will will build it!


Spreader bars also available by request.

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