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Sabot 'Spark' Mainsail

Sabot 'Spark' Mainsail


Sabot 'Spark' Mainsail

The exciting new way for lightweights and new sailors to enjoy sailing their Sabot in all conditions!

- huge colour choice of mylar fabric to personalise the sail to your boat and stand out from the crowd

- Radial cut panel layout

- 'Soft-luff' panel - an audible and visual feature to make it easy to teach new sailors to steer and trim the sail, and to depower the sail very easily. 

- Customised to your mast and crew weight

- Full top batten, 2 x Leech battens, 2 'flutter battens'

- sail numbers, class logo, zone logo, telltales, sailbag.


Corner Patch Colour
Sail Number, Logo
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