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Impulse Mainsail

Impulse Mainsail


The Impulse has a very wide crew weight range, and for ultimate performance the sail and rig needs to be refined to suit your particular needs.  A huge variation in masts and sleeving setups are also used, so these individual setups need a sail which can work with these variations.

We have developed a range of sails to best cater to these requirements and ensure you can perform throughout the wind range.  


Under 70kg - we recommend a Crosscut Dacron sail, or a Full Radial Mylar.  The Crosscut Dacron allows additional bias stretch to be able to flatten the sail when used on an unsleeved mast.  The Full Radial Mylar sail is designed flatter overall, and can be used on a sleeved mast.  The Radial layout allows high downhaul and vang tensions to flatten the sail completely when overpowered.


70-80kg - Crosscut Mylar or Crosscut Dacron.  These sails are designed and cut very similar to suit this weight range, and the choice in material is a personal preference.  They are designed for a softer mast setup, have huge adjustability in shape, and can be powered up and flattened across the whole wind range.  This sail works best on an MC Sails specified alloy sleeve and rotation setup, or a shorter carbon sleeved standard mast.


80-90kg - Bi-Radial Mylar.  This sail is very efficient, low drag and and stable, but with the Bi- Radial panel alignment, there is added power in the bottom end, while retaining ability to be able to bend the mast with significant downhaul tension and flatten the sail upwind in fresher conditions.  A long alloy or carbon sleeved mast is the usual setup.


>90kg - Full Radial Mylar or Bi-Radial Dacron.  Sailors in this weight range are always looking for power, and the cloth choice and seam shaping of this sail will get you on the side and keep you there in all conditions.  It is designed to work with a long carbon sleeved mast where there is limited movement in the bottom half of the rig.


All sails include:

Vinylester Battens

Sail Number, Logos, Telltales

Long Sailbag

Window Optional

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